XML Pipeline Server™ is a highly scalable server that automates data conversion, validation, transformations, report and document generation from/to a variety of data sources. XML Pipeline Server™ can be deployed on any server / workstation in your enterprise or you can have a zero footprint deployment using our Cloud-based offering. Using the graphical pipeline editor of Stylus Studio® Enterprise users can define a pipeline that is easily deployed to the XML Pipeline Server™. XML is used as the canonical integration data format that is paired with powerful transformation engines like XSLT and XQuery to allow IT Professionals such as analysts, data architects and integration architects to quickly meet the challenge of consuming global market data and publishing global data in multiple formats.

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IVI Technologies

IVI Technologies is a global software reseller, development  and online marketing company. For several years we have been representing world-class software in the integration market space. The company is the primary go-to-market vehicle for the Progress® DataDirect® Stylus Studio® offering, the industry leading XML IDE.


Headquartered in Miami, FL, the IVI team enjoys sunshine and vivid culture. Miami’s diversity, vigor and lively essence are fused into the software IVI produces and markets. Our team loves the arts, the ocean, the outdoors, new technology, good food and the Miami Heat (of course).

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