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XML Pipeline Server™ is an enterprise-ready data processing solution. IVI Technologies constantly strives to make XML Pipeline Server™ the best package for your needs and provide outstanding customer service. The IVI Technologies team will assist your organization in configuring and optimizing XML Pipeline Server™ for your specific requirements.

Below, recent customer stories showcase how XML Pipeline Server™ from IVI Technologies has been implemented as a highly scalable enterprise solution for data conversion, validation, transformations, and document generation from/to a variety of data sources.

Standard Bank

Enterprise Data Processing & Delivery

IVI Technologies XML Pipeline Server was recently implemented to process csv files and transform them into the required XML formatting. Read the full story on the Stylus Studio website.

XML Pipeline Server

Modernizing an Old Fax Based Order System

This recent customer story shows how XML Pipeline Server helped transform an outdated and error prone order system into a streamlined solution. Read the full story here.

GenPro Case Study

Genpro, Inc. – Customer Case Study

Check out a brand new case study on how Genpro, Inc. built a data warehouse with XML Pipeline Server and services from IVI Technologies. Read the full case study on the Stylus Studio website.

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