Relational Databases

Streamlined Development and Deployment

When building XML data integration applications, the XML Pipeline Server™ provides highly-functional development support for all major relational databases. XML Pipeline Server™ also supports programmatic, bi-directional access to virtually any non-XML file including EDI standards, flat files, and other legacy formats.

When it comes to relational database integration at runtime, the XML Pipeline Server™ is an easily embeddable component, requiring no other product or application server. It has no server of its own, and is not tied to a specific vendor database or database version. Supported relational databases include:

In fact, XML Pipeline Server™ generates one easy-to-maintain application regardless of the databases and versions in use. This component application is then insulated from frequent changes to the database and database vendor tools.

XML Pipeline Server™ translates relational data query into SQL, executes the SQL, and returns the results in the specified format. This means that XML Pipeline Server™ queries very large databases in a highly efficient manner, using the indexes and query optimization of the database. Lazy result retrieval also ensures that large results are efficiently handled by the XML Pipeline Server™ application.

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