Superior Data Integration and Conversion

With the XML Pipeline Server™, MySQL Enterprise 5.0.x users treat data in MySQL tables and views as XML, making querying, publishing, reporting – and even updating – relational data a snap.

The XML Pipeline Server™ runs on any Java platform, and is easily embeddable into almost any Java program. Users of the MySQL relational database take advantage of high-performance, scalable, reliable XQuery processing provided by the XML Pipeline Server™.

  • MySQL users run XML Pipeline Server XQuery against data stored in their Enterprise version
  • XML Pipeline Server XQuery helps aggregate MySQL data with information available in native XML documents and/or in EDI messages

Thanks to XML Pipeline Server, MySQL users have access to a standard-based, easy, and high-performance way to access data stored in their databases as XML for the first time.

MySQL – XML Pipeline Server Benefits

  • High Performance – Special optimization and mediation provides the best possible XML Pipeline Server performance, including the transparent conversion of relevant parts of the XQuery to efficient SQL statements for execution in relational databases.
  • Scalable – XML streaming and document projection drastically reduce the amount of memory required to process large XML documents. Portions of the XQuery dealing with relational data are issued to the relational database as SQL, allowing the application to take advantage of database scalability.
  • Emendable – The XML Pipeline Server does not require any other product or application server, and it plugs into any architecture.
  • Data Source Independent – The XML Pipeline Server integrates query results from XML, relational data, SOAP messages, EDI, legacy, or a combination of data sources.
  • Web Services Integration – The XML Pipeline Server consumes or creates Web Services from an XQuery.
  • RDBMS Updating – The XML Pipeline Server provides efficient XML shredding and transparent relational updates for XQuery applications that need to insert, update, or delete data in relational tables.
  • Standards Based – Because it is based on the XQuery standard, the XML Pipeline Server ensures stability for developers through standards-based XQuery and XQJ implementations. XML Pipeline Server is tested with XQTS (W3C XQuery Test Suite).
  • Plan Explain – The XML Pipeline Server can generate a graphical XQuery execution plan that provides developers with information for optimal query tuning.
  • Connection Pooling – The XML Pipeline Server integrates with the application server’s JDBC pool manager to take advantage of familiar connection pooling from other JDBC applications.
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