Data Sources

The XML Pipeline Server provides a fast, easy way for enterprise systems to consume a variety of data sources – like relational, XML, Web services, EDI, or even custom flat files. With The XML Pipeline Server, you visually map the data sources, generate code and then test the code in creating any view of the data to fit your specific environment.


relational-databaseRelational Databases

When it comes to relational database integration at runtime, the XML Pipeline Server is an easily embeddable component, requiring no other product or application server. It has no server of its own, and is not tied to a specific vendor database or database version.

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edi-standardsEDI Standard Support

XML Pipeline Server maximizes developer productivity and delivers a responsive, flexible data integration solution, allowing developers to seamlessly convert EDI data and stream it as XML at runtime to any enterprise application.

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flat-filesFlat File Formats

XML Pipeline Server provides built-in support for many common flat file formats. And using XML Pipeline Server’s powerful extensibility mechanism, developers build custom XML Pipeline Servers for enterprise-specific file formats.

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