The International Air Transport Association (IATA) governs the Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards (PADIS) EDI standard. XML Pipeline Server™ supports all currently electronically published versions of this standard, across all transaction sets, from release 92.1 to 08.1.

This grid shows exactly which transaction sets XML Pipeline Server™ supports for each IATA release.

IATA PADIS Standards Legend:
YES The XML Pipeline Server supports this message type for this version.
NO The XML Pipeline Server does not support this message type for this version.
NA The IATA standard does not define this message for this version.


ID 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Message
.1 .1 .2 .1 .2 .1 .2 .1 .2 .1 .2 .1 .2 .1 .2 .1 .2 .1 .2 .1 .2 .1 .2 .1 .2 .1 .1 .1 .1
APSINQ Application/Product Status Inquiry
APSRES Application/Product Status Response
ASQSRM Airport Resource Management Query/Flight Report
ASRSRM Airport Resource Management Response
CLTREQ Clear/Terminate Request
CLTRES Clear/Terminate Response
CONTRL Syntax and Service Report
CURREQ Currency Information Request
CURRES Currency Information Response
DBQBRM Baggage Reconciliation
DBQBSM Baggage Sortation
DBQBTM Baggage Transfer
DBQPUM Baggage Process and Unload
DCQBPR Boarding Pass Reprint Request
DCQCKF Flight Check-In Update Request
DCQCKI Through Check-In Request
DCQCKU Through Check-In Update Request
DCQCKX Through Check-In Cancel Request
DCQFMI Flight Management Query
DCQLCI Local Check-In Request
DCQPLF Passenger List Function Request
DCQRCM Passenger Reaccommodation Query
DCQSMF Seat Map Function Request
DCRCKA Through Check-In Response
DCRFMI Flight Management Response
DCRLCI Local Check-In Response
DCRSMF Seat Map Function Response
DWQDLI Deadload Information
DWRDLI Deadload Response
EBIREQ Excess Baggage Information Request
EBIRES Excess Baggage Information Response
FARREQ Fares Display Request
FARRES Fares Display Response
FLIREQ Flight Information Request
FLIRES Flight Information Response
FTAREQ Frequent Traveller Account Information/Enrollment Request
FTARES Frequent Traveller Account Information/Enrollment Response
FTVREQ Frequent Traveller Verification Request
FTVRES Frequent Traveller Verification Response
HSFREQ Hybrid Screen Format/Print Material Request
HSFRES Hybrid Screen Format/Print Material Response
HWPREQ Hybrid Wrap-Up Request
HWPRES Hybrid Wrap-Up Response
INVOIC Invoice
ITAREQ Inventory Adjustment Request
ITARES Inventory Adjustment Response
ITPREQ Itinerary Pricing Request
ITPRES Itinerary Pricing Response
NMEREQ Passenger Name Update Request
NMERES Passenger Name Update Response
PAOREQ Product Availability Offering Request
PAORES Product Availability Offering Response
PAXLST Passenger List
PNREXC PNR Data Exchange
PNRREQ PNR Data Request
QUEREQ Queue Request
QUERES Queue Response
SBPREQ Advance Seat Assignment and Boarding Pass Request
SBPRES Advance Seat Assignment and Boarding Pass Response
SMPREQ Seat Map Request
SMPRES Seat Map Response
SPORES Specific Product Offering Response
SQCACK Selective Query Control Acknowledgment
SQCADV Selective Query Control Advice
SSRREQ Special Services Request
SSRRES Special Services Response
TKCREQ Ticketing Control Request
TKCRES Ticketing Control Response
TKCUAC Ticketing Unsolicited Airport Control Request
TKTREQ Ticketing Request
TKTRES Ticketing Response
TNLRES Traveller Name List Response
WRPREQ Wrap-Up Request
WRPRES Wrap-Up Response


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